Dad & Daughter Date Cards™

Dad & Daughter Date Cards

Let’s face it, as dads sometimes we get busy. However, getting busy is not a good reason or excuse to not spend time with our daughters. We should be spending intentional time with our daughters, making sure they know how much they mean to us, and that they are valuable.

As dads, we should be exampling what a real man is and how he should treat a woman. We can’t leave it to social media, middle school boys, and high school boys to show our daughters what they deserve. Dads, it’s up to us and sometimes we need a little accountability. What better than to involve our daughters in helping keep us accountable! This is where the Dad and Daughter Date Cards™ save the day. 

I encourage you to take your daughter on a date at least once a month. Get to know her and let her get to know you. Show her how she should be treated. Let her know she’s beautiful, open the car door, and show her a man who can pay for her meal or put together a picnic in the park. Maybe you’re not creative or you are just busy. We get it, it happens. We still want to help you be the dad your daughter deserves. That’s where date cards come in.

The concept is simple. You order the Dad and Daughter Date Cards™ from us, fill them out, and give them to your daughter as a gift. Once a month you and your daughter open the date card and go spend time together doing the suggested date on the card! Our cards come blank so you  can customize the cards to what activities you and your daughter would enjoy together. You can open the cards together or have your daughter bring you the cards when she’s ready to go on a date! 

On the back of the card there is a place for you to promise your daughter you will take her on a specific day and time. This is where the accountability comes in. The last thing we want to do is get our daughter excited about spending time with her and take six months to make it happen. We need to show her that we are men that keep our word and that our promises are real. Simply write the date and time on the back of your card and don’t forget to put it in your calendar! Then, allow your daughter to help hold you accountable to spending time with her when you said you would. 

From one Dad to another…

“The time spent between a dad and his daughter is one of the most important times in any woman’s life. The influence of a dad (or lack there of) directly impacts a young woman’s self esteem, confidence, and self image while defining her idea of a ”man”. As a dad myself, I  know how quickly life goes by and how difficult it can be to find the moments you need for just you and your daughter. This is why I created the Dad and Daughter Date Cards™. As a dad of two beautiful daughters myself, I found this to be an easy way for me to make the time I needed with my girls. It also helped me stay accountable to my promise of spending time with them individually. I suggest filling these cards out to gift to your daughter. Once a month, you both open a card together and spend time, just the two of you, doing the activity written on the card. To help with accountability, don’t forget to fill out the promise on the back and stick to it.  The importance of showing her what it looks like when a man keeps his word is invaluable. I truly hope you enjoy your time with your daughter, being present and showing her how beautiful and valuable she is.” 
-Joshua S. Chase-

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