Take the lead is about owning your life. I believe in order to see your life improve, chase your dreams, and accomplish your goals, you have to take ownership of your current season. In this book, I will challenge your thoughts and help you gain some traction as you move through challenging situations. You will learn how to take the lead, stay engaged, and be inspired to develop a don’t-quit mentality. Take the lead is available now on


The King’s army is about to face the battle of a lifetime. Their previous battle has left them in shambles, riddled with casualties. Fear and doubt has begun to cloud the minds of the warriors, but when their King shows up everything changes. Join me as the King steps on the battlefield and restores his men to a place of victory. Order The King.

“The platoon of men stood on the battlefield eager and ready. It seemed like just yesterday they had been given their assignment and were off to war. Confident at what they had already accomplished in the King’s army, they assumed this battle would be just as easy as any other. Rank and file, they stood. With sword and shield in hand, they waited for the enemy to cross the valley and come to them. Their initiative to attack had somehow been stifled by their previous victories. Pride consumed their hearts. As the men stood ready, the enemy onslaught began. Only it wasn’t as they expected. A company of enemy soldiers unexpectedly emerged from the tree line on their left flank. One by one, they watched as their brothers fell to the sword of the enemy. The battle had begun.”

Marriage Matters

Your Marriage Matters to God. No matter what you have been through, your marriage can be restored. Natural solutions are good, but it might take a supernatural intervention to have the type of marriage God wants for you. Available on


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