I have a passion for leadership and to see others lead well. Before you can lead others you must understand the principle of ownership. You have to own the current state of your life and take responsibility for your circumstances. You may not be able to immediately change your circumstances, but you can control how you respond to them. Ready to make a change and move forward? Check out the resources below. 



I would love to partner with you and help you take ownership of your life. I believe I can help get you started in the right direction. In these sessions we will sit down and go over a personal development plan. I believe that in order to accomplish your goals and move forward you will need a clearly defined plan. This plan will help explain the importance of vision, create a personal mission statement and get you on the path to leading well. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about coaching. Zoom or Google Meet coaching is available.



I’ve written a couple of books on leadership that will help you on your journey. These books are easy practical reads. You can apply the principles in these books to your life immediately. They are both available at amazon.com. 



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Take the lead is about owning your life. I believe in order to see your life improve, chase your dreams, and accomplish your goals, you have to take ownership of your current season. In this book, I will challenge your thoughts and help you gain some traction as you move through challenging situations. You will learn how to take the lead, stay engaged, and be inspired to develop a don’t-quit mentality. Take the lead is available now on amazon.com.



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Leadership at the informal level is becoming a lost art in the fire service. We lack men and women who are willing to lead regardless of their current position. Leaders take people places. They lead them there. If there is no leader, there’s a pretty good chance of you and your crew getting stuck right where you are. Atmospheres without leadership create a stagnant environment that rages against all progress. Preparing yourself to lead at the informal level starts now, today. You may not carry a title, but it doesn’t mean you can’t influence others around you. You can lead from the jump seat.


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