I didn’t listen.

So, I do a little grappling (jiujitsu) on the side. It can be a very technical sport. One minute you’re winning, but the smallest mistake can send you right to second place. Unfortunately I know first hand… I recently competed in a local tournament. All was great, I was winning, and then I lost. Just […]

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Not always easy…

It gets easier they said. Well I’m not sure who they is, but they lied. I can honestly say that my grief journey has not gotten easier… It’s just managed to become more complex as time goes on. People say time will tell, and that time heals all wounds. Malarkey. Oh, that’s an old school […]

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Christmas Eve,December, 2006 I was deployed to Iraq with the army and assigned to Bravo Company. I was a helicopter Crew Chief in an Aviation Battalion. Like any other night we had a mission to get ready for. We gathered our flight gear, weapons, flight snacks and headed for the bird. Nightly before each flight […]



So one day out of the blue I had this crazy idea to start blogging, making videos, and writing books. Actually, that’s not what happened at all. is simply an extension of me. It was birthed out of my passion for wanting to see men succeed in life. I believe that this day and […]

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