Josh is a husband, father, fireman, author, blogger, EMT, and combat military veteran from Virginia Beach. He has a passion for leadership, the local church, and to see others develop a don’t-quit mentality.

He is a 15 year veteran of the fire service. His responsibilities include managing day to day operations, training, and supervising the mitigation of emergency scenes pertaining to fires and emergency medical services. In 2019 Josh received the Fire service Medal of a Honor for meritorious actions performed while rescuing a child from a burning structure.

He is also a combat veteran of the United States Army where he served as a crew chief and door gunner for Black Hawk helicopters in western Iraq. During his military career he was awarded multiple medals for his service to include the Army air medal for meritorious service during aerial operations. Josh left the army as a Sergeant in 2009.

Josh has lived, loved, lost, married, had children, been widowed, been to war, run into burning buildings as a fireman, and saved lives on an ambulance. Through his military service, fire service career, and his life experience, he hopes to strengthen, encourage and empower others to embrace who God is calling them to be.


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