I’m a husband, father, fireman, author, blogger, EMT, and military veteran from Virginia Beach. I have a passion for leadership, the local church, and to see others develop a don’t-quit mentality.

Through writing, I share my past experiences with others. Without a doubt, my faith in Christ is the only reason I am standing today. Whether victory or defeat, I always pray that my life encourages and inspires others to keep going. 

I have been through a lot at a young age. I often wonder how am I still standing. I should be seriously hurt, injured, or worse, dead. However, God has a plan for me and I am still breathing.

I’ve lived, loved, lost, married, had children, been widowed, been to war, run into burning buildings as a fireman, and saved lives on an ambulance. Through my speaking and writing, I hope to inspire, strengthen, and encourage others.


© 2019 Joshua S. Chase