The Christmas Kidnapping…

Have you ever listened to the words of the age old Christmas song, Baby it’s cold outside? At first listen it’s a little catchy. It’s a man and a woman singing back and forth about their night together and the terrible weather outside. Seems like playful banter back and forth between two people who seem to like each other, right? Wrong.

One day last week while listening to the song, my son who says random things from time to time piped up and said,

“Geez bro let the girl go home already!”

That’s when it hit me. The song is actually a little creepy, and that’s when I renamed the song:

The Christmas Kidnapping.

Over and over the women is trying to leave and get home to her family. Over and over this guy is trying to keep her at the house. She even mentions her family being worried and her dad waiting at the door for her to arrive home. No bueno. He just won’t stop! At one point in the song she even says, “Hey what’s in this drink?” It’s at this point that I think this guy could be related to Cosby…

Suddenly I want to rescue this woman from her kidnapper and get her home to her family for Christmas, regardless of how cold it is outside. Let’s get this chick a jacket and get her home and end this Christmas kidnapping. In the words of my son, “Geez bro, let her go home already!” Merry Christmas!!!

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