Bleeding out…

About once a month I play a game of poker with the fellas. We usually play Texas hold ‘em, tournament style. I love it, but there is one thing I don’t love. Losing.

This last game things were not going my way. Hand after hand I wasn’t getting good cards. Not that you need “good cards” to win, but it helps. Then when I did have good cards I was getting beat. Over time I was slowing watching my chip stack, my money, float away into other people’s pockets. I was bleeding out.

Until something happened. I didn’t have a lot of chips left, but I caught some cards I could work with and decided to take a chance and go all in on a hand. I won. Not the whole game right away, but I won that hand and began to gain some momentum.

Hand after hand I slowly built my chip stack back up until it was me and one other guy. That’s when it happened. A pair of 7’s. If your playing Texas hold ‘em one on one a pair of 7’s is a decent hand. So I went for it, I went all in. The gentlemen across the table called and I beat him. I won.

I thought I was going to lose that night. I was slowly bleeding out and about to be broke. I had to take a chance, make a move, or I would have slowly been dealt out of the game. So I took a chance, went all in and everything changed.

Interestingly enough, this is where I am in life. Some days I’m not “catching cards” and I feel like I’m bleeding out. Only it’s not my chip stack or money I’m losing. It’s my strength, emotions, and dreams that I once pursued that seem to be slowly fading away…

So here I am with an all to familiar decision to make. Only this one isn’t a gamble. Its a guarantee. I can go all in and choose to trust God everyday, or I can choose to do things in my own strength and slowly bleed out.

I’m making my decision today to go all in. Not in hopes that today’s victories will secure me the win, but in hopes that going all in and learning to trust God all over again will help me gain some momentum moving forward. Not easy, but here I am.

I would love to hear your thought and comments.

6 thoughts on “Bleeding out…

  1. Good word Josh. Just like in your game, you kept playing. When things weren’t going your way you didn’t cut your loses and quit. We are encouraged to keep moving forward and when do that with God we will look back one day to see the tremendous distance we’ve traveled.


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