Why JoshChase.org?

So one day out of the blue I had this crazy idea to start blogging, making videos, and writing books. Actually, that’s not what happened at all. JoshChase.org is simply an extension of me. It was birthed out of my passion for wanting to see men succeed in life.

I believe that this day and age we are lacking good men. I’m not talking about men that are perfect. They don’t exist. I am talking about men who are willing to admit they are not perfect, own their mistakes, and take responsibility for their actions. Men who are willing to own their past so they can take control of their futures.

I don’t seek to raise any man to my standard. I seek to call him into a new standard all his own. One that will help him take the lead, stay engaged, and not quit when it comes to situations that seem hopeless. I want men to understand the importance of being good men, husbands, and fathers. Unfortunately, it took me a lot of wrong doing to get there.

You see, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. A lot. I’ve almost ruined my family, lost good friends, and mislead people through situations I never should have been in. I had a history of living a self destructive life. I was a ticking time bomb ready to hurt or destroy the lives of those around me.

So, I share so you don’t have to go through the same things. So you don’t cause the same pain and heartache I did. I share because I want men to understand we can find hope in our situations. For me, I can not deny that my hope was found in Jesus. That’s as honest as it gets.

My life was out of control until I recommitted my life to him a few years ago, and here I am. I don’t write books, make videos, and blog for me. I’m honestly here to help you. I’m here to strengthen, encourage, and empower you to succeed in life, and I’ll do my best to be authentic while doing it.

I simply want to extend the same mercy extended to me. Not a second chance at life, but a new life that has vision and purpose. I can only hope that you will join me on the journey. I’ll never brag and tell you I’ve “been there, done that”. I will tell you “I’ve been through a lot of life, and I’m here to help”.

If I told you the things I’ve done, the things I’ve seen, and the hurt I’ve caused others, you probably wouldn’t read any further. However, I am called to help those in need. So sharing and being authentic is not an option for me, It’s a way of life. So that is what I intend to do. Be authentic.

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