I seriously hate religion. It is probably one of the most confusing words when it comes to Christianity. What people, even me somedays, fail to realize is that religion has nothing do with Christianity. Unfortunately its associated with it.

Religion is a system of beliefs designed to shame, guilt, and control people. Unfortunately we have packaged the message of Jesus in a religious box and have called it Christianity for thousands of years. I have admittedly been on this bandwagon at times, and hate to admit that.

If you are attempting to spread a religious message, and its not working, there is a reason. I tried it, and it’s lame. People don’t want religion. It’s not attractive. It actually drives people away from the real message. So, I have a better idea. Spread the message Jesus intended for us to spread. Love, mercy, and grace. Not a message that says follow these rules to get into “our” club.

People just want to be accepted and loved for who they are. Not judged based on who we think they should be. That’s how Jesus accepts me, so why should I not give others the same love and acceptance? I’m obviously working on this… I have my own shortcomings and prejudice thoughts I’m working through. The bible actually says “Come as you are”. It does not say “Clean yourself up, and come back later”.

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