I feel like a lot of us are feeling the stress of a high calling and not knowing what that entails. We may have an idea of what it is we are called to do, or know without a doubt. Either way, the process…oh the process…yea…

We are all going somewhere…I know for me God had said “Where you are going, you cannot take everything with you.”

I need to leave some things from the previous season behind to make room for new things. Things from heaven, things that will help me accomplish the dreams he put inside of me.

So, I’m packing…I’m taking inventory of my life. I’m looking around and discovering what I can and can’t bring into this next season…

One thing I am leaving behind:

My logical thinking when it comes to faith and the supernatural. Where he is taking me leaves no room for logic. I serve a supernatural King. So why am I consumed by natural thoughts? I’m done. I can’t live like this. It is finished because God says it is finished. Victory is mine.

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